Shipping Info

1. How long for Shipment?

Receiving time = Processing time (1-7 days) + Shipping time

Main Countries         Representative Shipping Method and Shipping Time

United States           USPS 5-10 days
Untied Kingdom     Royal Mail 6-12 days
Canada                    Canada Post AVE 10-12 days
Australia                    Australia Post 5-10 days

2. Where is my order?

Please fill in your both account email and order number in order to monitor order status. Click here!

3. Tips for shipping

1) Attention: telephone number is required for delivery. Your account email should be right in order to receive order confirmation and shipping confirmation. Your address should be elaborate,including possible apartment or unit number. We are not responsible for un-delivery or extra shipping fee due to personal reasons.

2) P.O. Box is not accepted.

3) Germany as our logistics hub of (Only United States) DHL. Take it easy! It will be shipped to your place soon.

4) Your order can be tracked in details only when it arrives in US Facility. Kindly allow 2-3 days of shipment to US, even possible ” not found “. Thanks for your patience.

Should you have any question, please reach out to us here!